Bad eating cycle has to end

By Necole Jones

As a full-time student with a demanding home life and now an internship, my nutrition sits on the back burner. A decent meal is often replaced with something that’s more convenient—and usually a lot less healthy.

Between my night classes and the internship, most days I don’t get home until well after 8 p.m. That leads to several fast-food stops and two to four frozen meals a week, and little to no time for exercise.

What Everyone Should Know About College

By Samuel Ewing
Samuel Ewing.jpg

At the end of a five-year journey to acquire a baccalaureate degree, I have gained knowledge that is not available in the classroom.

A college-level education requires more than showing up to class on time, completing assignments and remaining off the professor’s radar. In fact, you should strive to be ON the professor’s radar.

For those familiar with study guides, here is a guide on how to get through college and make the most of your time.

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