Toro Tuesday raffle winner TBA

 Grand prize for a lucky student is a semester of paid tuition.
By Whitney Crosby
Staff Writer

The winner of a free semester of tuition will be announced next month as part of the Toro Tuesday Grand Finale.

Toro Tuesday is a weekly event sponsored by Associated Students Inc. to encourage school pride among Dominguez Hills students. Students sign up to win prizes each week such as Toro gear and gift cards.

Raffle tickets compiled from each Toro Tuesday raffle this semester will be thrown into the ring for the grand finale. Cake will be served and there will be freebies and music. Students are encouraged to attend.

First Arab Heritage Festival on DH campus

 Multicultural Center looks to expand culture representation on campus.
By Bryan Burch
Staff Writer

For the first time on campus, a festival honoring the Arabic culture will be held.

The Multicultural Center and International Student Services will be hosting the event. MCC officials say it’s important every culture is represented on campus.

“Since there is a large population of Arab students on campus they should have an event that shows their culture too,” said Christina Garcia, Multicultural Center reservations coordinator.

Garcia said the MCC planning committee decides what events will be held on campus.

Multiracial support group offered to students

 Students can get advice on how to answer questions about their ethnicity.
By Ashley Washington
Staff Writer

Biracial and multiracial students now have an outlet to share their experiences with their peers.

The Biracial Support Group meets every week in the Multicultural Center. One of the group’s two creators, John Monje, a psychology intern in the department of Student Psychological Services, facilitates the discussion. The purpose is to offer support to students feeling confused about their identity. Additionally, advice is given to students bothered by questions and comments about their ethnicity.

Sorority members hang up bras to raise money

 Money raised will benefit fellow student battling advanced breast cancer. Event was also to promote awareness.
By Leslie Orantes
Stephanie Calixto explained the importance of breast cancer awareness.
Staff Writer

Sorority sisters and club members took off their bras for a great cause to help a fellow student.

Sorority-in-progress Destiny and Omega Phi Chi held a bra pong game earlier this month on the East Walkway to bring awareness to breast cancer and to raise money for one of Omega Phi Chi’s founding sisters who is battling the disease.

Graduation event celebrates LGBTQA community

 Annual celebration will give students a chance to talk about their academic journey, goals.
By Leslie Orantes
Staff Writer

Tonight’s Lavender Graduation Celebration will honor the LGBTQA community.

The 6th annual event will recognize about eight students for their academic success, personal journey and growth. LGBTQA stands for lesbian, gay, straight, transgendered, questioning and asexual/ally.

The reception will begin at 6 p.m. with a speech by new CSUDH provost Ellen Junn. Students will also get an opportunity to talk about their college experience, future goals and ambitions. After the commencement has concluded, students and their families and guests are invited to a congratulatory reception.

Family, friends celebrate Warren Ashley’s life

 Director of Mediated Instruction and Distance Learning will be remembered for his innovative contributions to Dominguez Hills.
By Leslie Orantes
Staff Writer

Last week, family and friends celebrated the life of Warren James Ashley at a memorial service on campus.
Ashley, director of Mediated Instruction and Distance Learning, passed away March 21 after being diagnosed with an undisclosed illness at the age of 70.

“Who would’ve of thought the moment he went into the hospital he never would of came back out. I miss him a lot,” said Ashley’s son, Joshua. “I wasn’t planning for this to come.”

Sustainable living complex may be built on campus

 Eco Comfortable Project, the brainchild of a CSUDH student, is aimed at creating a sustainable community.
By Sandy Cabada
Staff Writer

Imagine a world where every home is made using recycled materials, where all waste is compostable and nothing can harm the earth, only enhance it.

While this may sound a bit dreamy, the truth is there are people out there who are actually trying to make it a reality. Right here on campus.

Brittany Ford, a senior at Cal State University Dominguez Hills, has spent the past two months copywriting the Eco Comfortable Project, a sustainable community she envisions that runs on 100 percent natural resources.

Students give input on new recreational center

 New building would be funded in part by Student Success Fee.
By Ebony Williams
Staff Writer

The Associated Students Inc. is planning to build a new recreation center on campus and is looking to students for input.

While it’s still in the planning phase, the new center will be built near parking lot 2 at California State University Dominguez Hills. Initial features include an indoor track field, fitness classes, day care, and aerobic classes.

The current recreation room on the first floor of the student union has one pool table.

The proposed building would be open to everyone on campus, and some off.

Students to protest Student Success Fee

 Petitioners look into readjusting their tactics in hopes of getting results.
By Sandy Cabada
Staff Writer

Students for Quality Education are planning a peaceful march next month to get the university president’s attention regarding their petition protesting a proposed student fee.

A month since the Student Success Fee petition was circulated and more than 1,600 signatures later, administrators have still not responded to SQE’s concerns, said Robert DeWitz, vice president of SQE.

New program geared at preparing incoming students

 Freshmen now required to attend two workshops their first year on campus.
By Ebony Williams
Staff Writer

For the first time at Cal State University Dominguez Hills students are required to undergo mandatory advising to help them through their freshmen year.

The University Advisement Center developed the Mandatory Freshman Advisement program to help freshmen understand what their college life will consist of.

Students are required to attend two workshops their first year at CSUDH. Freshmen are alerted via email two weeks before each workshop and can register online. If they do not attend, a hold will be placed on their future registration.

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